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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Bambi B. Schieffelin, <i>The Give and Take of Everyday Life: Language Socialization of Kaluli Children</i>Hays, Terence E.
1984Bruce Carrad, David A. M. Lea, and Kundapen K. Talyaga, eds., <i>Enga: Foundations for Development</i>Hays, Terence E.
1993Christin Kocher Schmid, <i>Of People and Plants: A Botanical Ethnography of Nokopo Village, Madang and Morobe Provinces, Papua New Guinea</i>Hays, Terence E.
1989G&#225;bor Vargyas, <i>Data on the Pictorial History of North-East Papua New Guinea</i>Hays, Terence E.
1982Judith Farquhar and D. Carleton Gajdusek, eds., <i>Kuru: Early Letters and Field Notes from the Collection of D. Carleton Gajdusek.</i>Hays, Terence E.
1991Mary Taylor Huber, <i>The Bishops' Progress: A Historical Ethnography of Catholic Missionary Experience on the Sepik Frontier</i>Hays, Terence E.
1995Maureen Anne MacKenzie, <i>Androgynous Objects: String Bags and Gender in Central New Guinea</i>Hays, Terence E.
1991No Tobacco, No Hallelujah: Missions and the Early History of Tobacco in Eastern PapuaHays, Terence E.
1985Paul Sillitoe, <i>Roots of the Earth: Crops in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea</i>Hays, Terence E.
1986Peter Lawrence, <i>The Garia: An Ethnography of a Traditional Cosmic System in Papua New Guinea</i>Hays, Terence E.
1983R. J. Blong, <i>The Time of Darkness: Local Legends and Volcanic Reality in Papua New Guinea</i>Hays, Terence E.
1997Sacred Texts and Introductory Texts: The Case of Mead's SamoaHays, Terence E.