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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982E. Gough Whitlam, <i>A Pacific Community</i>Hegarty, David W.
1979E. H. McCormick, <i>Omai: Pacific Envoy</i>Wattie, Nelson
1986E. M. Webster, <i>The Moon Man: A Biography of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay</i>Polansky, Patricia
1987E. Victoria Shook, <i>Ho'oponopono, Contemporary Uses of a Hawaiian Problem-Solving Process</i>Pehrson, Kyle L.
1991East-West Center Offers Intercultural Workshop-
1991Economic Development Options for the Federated States of Micronesia at IndependenceCameron, John
1987Economic Impact of Foreign Students on U.S. Higher Education Examined in Two New IIE Research Studies-
1986Eduard Hernsheim, <i>South Sea Merchant</i>Munro, Doug
1968Education Survey Reveals 2,312 ESL Students in Hawaii Public Schools-
1981Education, Change, and Assimilation in Nineteenth Century Hawai'iTagupa, William E. H.
1993Educational Implications of Group Differences in Cognitive Style: Evidence from Pacific CulturesHansen-Strain, Lynne
1985Educational Information Center in People's Republic of China-
1987Edward D. Beechert, <i>Working in Hawaii: A Labor History</i>Kent, Noel Jay
1982Edwin Doran, Jr., <i>Wangka: Austronesian Canoe Origins.</i>Ruhen, Olaf
1982Edwin Hutchins, <i>Culture and Inference</i>Lieber, Michael D.
1982Edwin N. Ferdon, <i>Early Tahiti As The Explorers Saw It, 1767-1797</i>Newbury, Colin W.
1989Edwin N. Ferdon, <i>Early Tonga As the Explorers Saw It, 1616-1810</i>Herda, Phyllis S.
2007Effects of Lexical Simplification During Unaided Reading of English Informational TextsGardner, Dee; Hansen, Elizabeth C.
2004Effects of Previewing and Providing Background Knowledge on EFL Reading Comprehension of American Documentary NarrativesZhaohua, Shen
1994Effeminate Males and Changes in the Construction of Gender in TongaJames, Kerry E.