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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
198410th Anniversary Cross Currents-
19701970 CCH BATESL Graduates-
19771977 Summer Classes-
19801981 TESOL Conference-
19801981 TESOL Summer Institute to be at Teachers CollegeFanselow, John F.; Frentzen, Ann M.
199225 Years Ago&#8230; On the Way to Class: Birth of the <i>TESL Reporter</i>James, Mark O.
19772LL + CIM + TLP: An Equation That Can Total Success For Language TeachingCurran, Douglas M.
20072nd Stanza, &#34;Samoa,&#34; from <i>Meet you in Hawaiki</i>Raymond, Rosanna
19673 Steps to Sounds-
1984336,985 Foreign Students in U.S. in 1983-
1994&#34;A Foreign Flower&#34;? Democracy in the South PacificLarmour, Peter
1989&#34;A Gulf of Style&#34;: Experiences in the Practice of Oral History with the EngaLacey, Roderic
1968&#34;Bi-lingualism&#34; is Major Theme of 1968 TESOL Convention Held in Texas-
2014&#34;Heavy Words and Important Silences&#34;: Kwara'ae Children Learning the Indigenous Epistemology of Willingness and RankGegeo, David Welchman
1986&#34;I Know an Old Lady&#34; on the Overhead ProjectorSeng, Mark W.
1973&#34;Intercultural Communication&#34; Training a Bridge for Human UnderstandingMann, Kenneth Eugene
1992&#34;It's the Same Old Song but with a Different Meaning&#34;: Community and Ethnicity in Sikaiana Expressive CultureDonner, William W.
1967&#34;Language Master&#34; On CCH Campus-
1997&#34;Olfala Pija Blong Niuhebridis Blong Bifo&#34;: Old Pictures of the Early New Hebrides (Vanuatu)Angleviel, Frederic; Shekleton, Max
1985&#34;Rubbish Boy and the Two Queens, or Humbling the Haughty In-Laws.&#34; Family Relationships in a Folktale from the Gilbert IslandsLuomala, Katharine