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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982E. Gough Whitlam, <i>A Pacific Community</i>Hegarty, David W.
1979E. H. McCormick, <i>Omai: Pacific Envoy</i>Wattie, Nelson
1986E. M. Webster, <i>The Moon Man: A Biography of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay</i>Polansky, Patricia
1987E. Victoria Shook, <i>Ho'oponopono, Contemporary Uses of a Hawaiian Problem-Solving Process</i>Pehrson, Kyle L.
1991East-West Center Offers Intercultural Workshop-
1991Economic Development Options for the Federated States of Micronesia at IndependenceCameron, John
1987Economic Impact of Foreign Students on U.S. Higher Education Examined in Two New IIE Research Studies-
1986Eduard Hernsheim, <i>South Sea Merchant</i>Munro, Doug
1968Education Survey Reveals 2,312 ESL Students in Hawaii Public Schools-
1981Education, Change, and Assimilation in Nineteenth Century Hawai'iTagupa, William E. H.
1993Educational Implications of Group Differences in Cognitive Style: Evidence from Pacific CulturesHansen-Strain, Lynne
1985Educational Information Center in People's Republic of China-
1987Edward D. Beechert, <i>Working in Hawaii: A Labor History</i>Kent, Noel Jay
1982Edwin Doran, Jr., <i>Wangka: Austronesian Canoe Origins.</i>Ruhen, Olaf
1982Edwin Hutchins, <i>Culture and Inference</i>Lieber, Michael D.
1982Edwin N. Ferdon, <i>Early Tahiti As The Explorers Saw It, 1767-1797</i>Newbury, Colin W.
1989Edwin N. Ferdon, <i>Early Tonga As the Explorers Saw It, 1616-1810</i>Herda, Phyllis S.
2016Effect of Windows Movie Maker on Writing Proficiency and Perceived MotivationAwada, Ghada
2007Effects of Lexical Simplification During Unaided Reading of English Informational TextsGardner, Dee; Hansen, Elizabeth C.
2004Effects of Previewing and Providing Background Knowledge on EFL Reading Comprehension of American Documentary NarrativesZhaohua, Shen