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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988M&#257;losi: A Psychological Exploration of Mead's and Freeman's Work and of Samoan AggressionMageo, Jeanette Marie
1981M. A. Jones, <i>The Australian Welfare State</i>Hughes, Cohn A.
1982Mac Marshall, ed., <i>Siblingship in Oceania: Studies in the Meaning of Kin Relations</i>Lundsgaarde, Henry P.
1984Mac Marshall, ed., <i>Through a Glass Darkly: Beer and Modernization in Papua New Guinea</i>Jorgensen, Dan W.
1980Mac Marshall. <i>Weekend Warriors: Alcohol in a Micronesian Culture</i>Ogan, Eugene
1993Madrich: Outer Islanders on YapAlkire, William H.
1991Magic Gardens in TannaBonnemaison, Joël
2014Mahimahi Musubi: Cosmopolitanizing Strategies in Hawaiian Regional CuisineBurroughs, W. Jeffrey
1988Main Trends in the USSR in the Ethnographic Study of Pacific Islands Peoples, 1961-1986, with a Selected BibliographyTumarkin, D. D.
2002Maintaining Marshallese Fundamentals with Christian FundamentalismAllen, Linda
2011Major University English Tests in China: Their Importance, Nature, and DevelopmentSun, Caiping; Henrichsen, Lynn
2004Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP ModelPoole, Alex
2009Making English Lessons Engaging Through Video Materials Supported With Advance Organizers and PredictionLee, Winnie
1997Making Histories: The Torres Strait Expedition of 1898Edwards, Elizabeth
2005Making Idioms &#34;Stick&#34;: Creative Activities for Communicative CompetenceHolmes, Vicki L.; Moulton, Margaret
1991Making Law in Papua New Guinea: The Influence of Customary Law on the Common LawZorn, Jean G.
1989Making LemonadeBrown, Steve
1996Making the Papua New Guinean Women: The Extension of Women's Initiation Practices to Secondary Education in Central New IrelandSykes, Karen
2007Making Written Feedback WorkWong, Ruth Ming Har
1994Mala among the KowaiPloeg, Anton