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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Namor's Odyssey: Mythical, Metaphors and History in SiassiPomponio, Alice
1993Nancy McDowell, <i>The Mundugumor: From the Field Notes of Margaret Mead and Reo Fortune</i>Young, Michael W.
1991Nancy Y. W. Tom, <i>The Chinese in Western Samoa, 1875-1985</i>Munro, Doug
1982Napoleone A. Tuiteleleapaga, <i>Samoa, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow</i>Macpherson, Cluny
2009Narrative, Voice, and Genre in Maragret Mead's <i>Coming of Age in Samoa</i>-
1981Nat J. Colletta. <i>American Schools for the Natives of Ponape: A Study of Education and Culture Change in Micronesia</i>Fischer, J. L.
1994National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning Announces its Summer Institute-
1993Nationalism and Sexuality in Papua New GuineaZimmer-Tamakoshi, Laura
1967Native Language Environment is Source of ConfusionPack, Alice C.
1981Natives and Settlers on the New Hebrides Frontier, 1870-1900Thompson, Roger C.
2011Navigating Changing Land Use in Vanuatu-
1968NCTE Study Group Examines TESL Training Program-
1995Negotiated Interaction, Transfer, and the Second Language ClassroomSchweers, C. William
1997Negotiating the <i><b>P&#333;</b></i>: The Hawai'i International Film Festival, 8-15 November 1996Mawyer, Alexander
1990Negotiations of Violence in the Marshallese HouseholdCarucci, Laurence Marshall
1978Neil Gunson, ed., <i>The Changing Pacific--Essays in Honour of H. E. Maude</i>Pollock, Nancy J.
1997Netbags Revisited: Cultural Narratives from Papua New GuineaStewart, Pamela J.; Strathern, Andrew J.
2005Neville Proof FenceButi, Antonio
1974New BATESL Requirements-
1991New Books by BYU-Hawaii Professors-