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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986O. H. K. Spate, <i>The Pacific Since Magellan.</i> Vol. 2, <i>Monopolists and Freebooters.</i>Macdonald, Barrie
1991O. H. K. Spate, <i>The Pacific since Magellan.</i> Vol. 3, <i>Paradise Found and Lost</i>Mackay, David
1980O. H. K. Spate, <i>The Spanish Lake</i>Howe, K. R.
2000Oasis or Mirage: The Farming of Black Pearl in the Northern Cook IslandsMacpherson, Cluny
1987Of Canoes and Castaways: Reassessing the Population of Tongareva (Penrhyn Island) at ContactRoscoe, Paul B.
2009Of External Habits and Maternal Attitudes: Margaret Mead, Gestalt Psychology, and the Reproduction of Character-
1997Official/Unofficial Images: Photographs from the Crane Pacific Expedition, 1928-1929Webb, Virginia-Lee
2003Offshore Gambling in Pacific Islands Tax Havensvan-Fossen, Anthony B.
1992Olaf Blixen, <i>'I te matamu'a: Fundamentos de la cosmovisi&#243;n Polinesia</i>Califano, Mario
1988Olga Gostin, <i>Cash Cropping, Catholicism, and Change: Resettlement among the Kuni of Papua</i>Ogan, Eugene
2009Omengeredakl: Aesthetics of Sound and Vocal Music in Palau-
1970On Repeatability and ReduplicationFries, Peter Howard
2013On Spanish Loanwords and Loanblends in Hawai'i Creole English-
2002On the Location of the Proto-Oceanic HomelandTerrell, John Edward; Hunt, Terry L.; Bradshaw, Joel
1974On the Necessity for Specialized Materials in ESOLPlaister, Ted
2009One-on-one with WordsCoxhead, Averil
2013Online Resources for Extensive ReadingLynn, Ethan M.
1984Opaque Transparencies for the Overhead ProjectorSeng, Mark W.
1989Oral Dialogue Journals: Spoken Language in a Communicative ContextMacDonald, Marguerite G.
1972Oral-Aural Proficiency RequiredMoss, Kenyon L.