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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984T. J. Macnaught, <i>The Fijian Colonial Experience: A Study of the Neo-Traditional Order under British Colonial Rule Prior to World War Two</i>Campbell, I. C.
1982T. Walter Herbert, Jr., <i>Marquesan Encounters: Melville and the Meaning of Civilization</i>Miller, Char
2010Taangaanga Te Peu Rarotonga--Investigating Rarotongan Core Values-
2005Tackling Issues Among Remedial Class Students : A Problem-based ApproachYang, Anson; Cheung, Joei; Chung, Carol
1999Taking Over What Belongs to God: The Historical Ecology of Tonga Since European ContactStevens, Charles J.
2005Tales from the Internet: Margaret Mead's Legacy in American CultureStover, Merrily
1975Talk and ListenVia, Richard
2006Talking About Our Own CultureTano, Kiyoko
1992Talking Economics in Tahitian: A Few CommentsBare, Jean-Francois
1986Talking on Tape: The Audio Cassette as an Aid to Oral Skills ImprovementRegister, Norma A.
1993Talking TogetherLytle, Alan D.
1980Tangata Simiona, ed. <i>E</i> Au <i>Tua Ta'ito <b>N&#333;</b> Te <b>K&#363;ki</b> 'Airani &#91;Legends from the Cook Islands&#93;</i>Jonassen, Jon
2002Tapestry: Writing 4Ponczoch, Katharine Fluckiger
2015Task Types and Vocabulary Growth in as Foreign Language: The Involvement Load Hypothesis on TrialTeng, Feng & Zhang, Shu
2002Taukei-Vulagi Philosophy and the Coup of 19 May 2000Rakuita, Tui
2010Ta, Va, and Moana: Temporality, Spatiality, and Indigeneity-
1991Te'o I. J. Fairbairn, ed., <i>Island Entrepreneurs: Problems and Performances in the Pacific</i>Donaldson, Mike
1986Teach in Japan-
1997Teacher Learning and Language Teaching: 2 ReviewsYates, Robert; Day, Richard R.
1979Teacher Preparation in TESOL: A Brief Report on Responses to an International QuestionnaireHenrichsen, Lynn E.