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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988U.S. Administration and Prospects for Economic Self-Sufficiency: A Comparison of Guam and Select Areas of MicronesiaMayo, Larry W.
2015U.S. Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions of their Non-native English Speaking InstructorAndrei, Elena
1970UH Graduates Visit CCHButler, David C.
1996Unbounded Politics in the Solomon Islands: Leadership and Party AlignmentsSteeves, Jeffery S.
1970Undergraduates Help Teach ELI Classes-
1997Understanding Second Language Learning DifficultiesNakata, Yoshiyuki
1993University Lectures? We're Ready!Snow, Maureen
2003University Students' and Teachers' Attitude Towards An EFL Reading ProgramGhrib, Esma Maamouri
1980University Teaching Awards in the People's Republic of China-
1998Unraveling Reflective TeachingFarrell, Thomas
1989Use a Raffle to Teach ESL? Crazy? No! Effective? Yes!!Blossom, Grace A.
2003Use of Corpora in Language LearningLee, Jackie F. K.
1982Uses of Picture Stories in ESL InstructionHolt, Ronald F.
1990Using &#34;Non-Existent Student&#34; Essays as a Way of Encouraging Student RevisionsGast, Gerhardt
1971Using a Telephone Directory to Teach English as a Second LanguageAlter, Jason B.
1987Using Analogies in the ClassroomRosenfeld, Susan
2005Using and Abusing the Works of the Ancestors: Margaret MeadBateson, Mary Catherine
1994Using Annotation in a Process Approach to Writing in a Hong Kong ClassroomCheong, Li Kam
1989Using Bulletin Boards in Language ClassroomsWardell, David
1989Using Bumper Stickers to Teach American Values: An Ethnographic ApproachWilliams, Terry N.