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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Valerio Valeri, <i>Kingship and Sacrifice: Ritual and Society in Ancient Hawaii</i>Charlot, John
1975Valuing - An ESL ActivityIlyin, Donna
2014Vanishing Paradise: Art and Exoticism in Colonial Tahiti-
1982Vanuatu Values: A Changing SymbiosisTonkinson, Robert
1989Variations on Pronunciation BingoQuebbemann, Frank J.
2001Verena Keck, ed., <i>Common Worlds and Single Lives: Constituting Knowledge in Pacific Societies</i>West, Paige
1999Video as a Resource for Teaching American CultureLebedko, Maria G.
1985Viktor Krupa, <i>The Polynesian Languages: A Guide</i>Besnier, Niko
2007Village princessAvia, Tusiata
1995Vincent Lebot, Mark Merlin, and Lamont Lindstrom, <i>Kava: The Pacific Drug</i>Petersen, Glenn
1993Violence and Political Change in Papua New GuineaStrathern, Andrew
1990Virginia Cowan-Smith and Bonnie Domrose Stone, <i>Aloha Cowboy</i>Strazar, Marie D.
2000Virtual Language Learning: Finding the Gems Amongst the PebblesMakaafi, Jana Harper
1972Vital Role of Language Requires Best TESL Methods, KnowledgeLund, Elizabeth
1986Vivifying the Writing Class &#34;You Are There&#34; StyleFrench, Charles R.
2010Vo. 33 No. 2/3 Pacific Studies-
1996Vocabulary and the ESL/EFL CurriculumLessard-Clouston, Michael
1972Vocabulary Bingo - A TESL GameVaioleti, Cecelia
1970Vocabulary Participation and Grammatical Formula ShiftsShen, Yao
1983Voices From the Past-